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3 Must-Have Smart Home Solutions


Create the Ultimate Smart Home Setup with the Right Technologies

Smart home automation is meant to simplify and streamline your daily routine and everyday lifestyle. But every system is a sum of its parts, and to experience a smart home setup that intuitively responds to your needs, you need the right smart home solutions for your innovative system.

A scalable system from Crestron lets you can build upon it over time, adding more smart solutions as you prefer – but what are the must-have, essential solutions for your setup, particularly when starting out?

In this blog, we’ll dive into three key smart technologies that can transform your lifestyle and whole Washington, D.C. property. Keep reading below for more!


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Motorized Shades & Lighting

A full shading and lighting system impacts your home environment in a variety of ways, from added convenience and comfort to overall security improvement. Crestron motorized shades and lighting control fixtures illuminate and transform the mood of your entire home with one tap of a button! Brighten rooms, dim the lights, and adjust the fixtures based on your preference.

Set your lighting and shades to a schedule or have them respond to installed photosensors that detect the sun’s patterns. A “Good Morning” scene can gradually brighten your bedroom’s lights while drawing opening the curtains to let in the natural sunlight. A “Movie Night” scene can lower your home theater’s blackout shades while turning off the lights completely except for the pathway lights on the floor.

Additionally, an “Away” scene can initiate a simulated occupancy setting that keeps your shades and lights operating as though you were home even while you’re gone – fooling intruders and strengthening your home security.

Multi-Room Audio Video

Audio video distribution from Crestron provides a way to add entertainment to every situation throughout your property. The ability to bring your favorite TV shows, films, and music to any part of your home will transform how you experience your living space on a daily basis. Enjoy the ability to press a button and pause a movie in your bedroom, then pick up where you left off downstairs in the kitchen or even outside on the patio. Walk from one room to the next in your house and never miss a line of dialogue or a beat from a new hit song.

Multi-room AV livens up any moment and any event. Add background tunes to a family dinner, play some relaxing music as you unwind after work, put on a new TV show obsession while you cook, or play a classic holiday film when you have family and friends over for the occasion. Whole home audio video can deliver the necessary entertainment for your time spent at home.

Smart Security & Surveillance

Some of the most popular smart home solutions are security related. While a shading and lighting system can improve your home security with a handy “Away” scene, you will still benefit from an extensive smart home security system.

Alarms, smart locks, and surveillance cameras all comprise the ultimate security setup that will keep your family and property well protected at all times. You’ll enjoy an increased peace of mind whether you are home or away. Check in on real-time video footage from your adjustable surveillance and doorbell cameras, set alarms and secure doors while you’re on the go, and monitor your whole property right from your smartphone. It’s that easy to get complete control of your home’s safety, which is why smart security is a number-one must-have solution for your lifestyle.

Want to learn more about which smart home solutions are the best for your setup – and which technologies are necessary from the start? Give our team at Aspire AVS a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We’d love to hear from you!

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